LA-based rap artist Azizi Gibson has released “High,” the second single to come from his new album Memoirs Of The Rapper. “High” follows the release of the album’s lead single “Nintendo King” which tapped into Gibson’s flair for abstract beats and puncy lyricism while channeling a sense of open-ended humility that’s rarely see in the U.S. rap game. Azizi was born in Frankfurt and raised between Thailand and Singapore before his family and him moved to Maryland when he was 11.

Since then, Azizi has released several EPs and then launched his own label preHISTORIC in 2015 which he will release Memoirs Of The Rapper through later this year. He will also act as the special guest on They’s forthcoming Nu Religion tour in May. See the dates below.

Tour Dates:

05/09 – Stockholm, Sweden
05/10 – Oslo, Norway
05/11 – Copenhagen, Denmark
05/13 – Cologne, Germany
05/14 – Berlin, Germany
05/17 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
05/19 – Gent, Belgium
05/21 – Reims, Paris
05/23 – Paris, France
05/25 – London, UK
05/26 – Manchester, UK
05/27 – Dublin, Republic Of Ireland
05/28 – Leeds, UK