There’s a certain majesty herein that I believe can only truly be acquired with a very long-standing and close chemistry such as this band possesses. In a genre where the floodgates of doom are overrun with the formulaic these days, Pallbearer has been distinct. Not only since their debut – and it’s rippling affect on the rest of the metal world – but subsequently each of their recordings since. While their debut is still considered a high watermark to overcome to some, it’s allowed the band confidence to explore with a bit more personal depth and clarity.

The mixed feelings that various reviewers have had over this particular release of theirs, has been surprising; by experience, such dissension is usually indicative of great art. Personally, I’ll harken back to the teen years when a certain Candlemass album called Nightfall came out; remembering the strong feelings for and against that particular record; in the end deemed a true classic. The album speaks as a whole and flows, everything here purposed with no filler to be found. Too rich for the simpletons perhaps?

Heartless serves to be a very critical and timely work for the band at this particular juncture of their career. If you don’t get something the first time around, that’s fine. No one expects you to, it’s an individual perceptive interpretation. In fact, it possesses an ability for greater commercial awareness, belying emotive substance. In general, earnest expression, pain and discovery are all a part of growth; the very same one that bodes well for future Pallbearer, in genuine maturity and spirit. The gents from Little Rock have created a lush and lasting work that time will serve well.

Heartless Track Listing:

01. I Saw the End
02. Thorns
03. Lie of Survival
04. Dancing in Madness
05. Cruel Road
06. Heartless
07. A Plea for Understanding

Run Time: 60:05
Release Date: March 24, 2017

Check out the track “I Saw The End”