It has been twenty years since New Found Glory formed and quickly became one of the bands that helped shape the pop-punk scene. Unlike so many groups though, New Found Glory have remained relatively consistent with their lineup with only one change in the early days prior to their first full-length album. Now, pop-punk is a genre that simply refuses to die out, despite declarations that it has had its day on more than one occasion, and this can be attributed to bands like New Found Glory.

Makes Me Sick is the guys’ ninth outing and is everything you’d expect in so much as it’s a fun, catchy album right from the start when “Your Jokes Aren’t Funny” kicks things off. There’s not too much I can say about the collection of tunes as, when you’ve heard a New Found Glory song, you’ve pretty much heard them all; which makes the band almost bittersweet because nothing here is bad, there’s just nothing that stands out. The only track that made me perk up slightly was “The Sound of Two Voices” with its rhythmic calypso feel. That said, sadly, it still fails to hit the mark.

Pop-punk has always been a style I’ve enjoyed due to its uplifting, carefree nature. Unlike bands like Blink-182 who have sought to evolve over time whilst still staying true to pop-punk, New Found Glory have simply remained consistent. This is both a blessing and a curse, a blessing because of the nostalgia factor, but a curse as they fail to show any evolution or musical growth.

Makes Me Sick Track Listing:

01. Your Jokes Aren’t Funny
02. Party on Apocalypse
03. Call Me Anti-Social
04. Happy Being Miserable
05. The Sound of Two Voices
06. Blurred Vision
07. Say it Don’t Stray it
08. Barbed Wire
09. Short and Sweet
10. The Cheapest Thrill

Run Time: 34:09
Release Date: April 28, 2017

Check out the track “Party On Apocalypse”