Emerging Minneapolis rockers Late Night Fights are sharing new track “Fuel The Disease”. The track is from the band’s upcoming EP Renal 911, out May 12th. The EP is the follow-up to band’s debut full-length Jousthouse, released in December 2015.

The band commented: “We recorded this track and the rest of the record up in Long Island, NY with the dope dogs Dan Korneff and James Harley. After pounding whiskey and checking out West Babylon’s finest glory-hole establishments, retirement home strip clubs, and illegal immigrant massage parlors, we were fully aroused and ready to make this song come to life!”

They continue: “‘FTD’ is about someone who’s down in the pits and out of hope looking for an escape that meets a charming drug dealer that introduces her to the solution for all her problems. It’s a groove-slammin’ good time and we hope it makes you randy! Disclaimer: Late Night Fights does not condone the use of anything illegal or fun.”