A good percentage of the time, I find listening to the tech-metal scene too much like hard effort. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not through a lack of appreciation of the quality of musicianship, but most of what I’m listening to leaves me cold. However, the beauty of listening to albums like Peace In Our Time, the latest offering from UK skull-smashers Krysthla, is that they manage to get that blend of tech brutality and raw emotion just spot on.

Unsurprisingly compared to bands like Meshuggah and Lamb Of God, the UK outfit waste no time in getting down to business with recent single “The Minor Mystery Of Death” where, even this early on in the band’s second album, you know this is something you’re going to be able to sink your teeth into. Blending techy riffs with outright ferocity, tracks like “Within The Lie Of All Lies”, to put it in its most basic terms, utterly shred.

Displaying ridiculously on-point musicianship throughout the duration of this recording, Peace In Our Time might be a relentless onslaught but, listening to the band pummel through “Age Of War” and the classy “Eternal Oceans” that wraps up this metallic attack, it’s hard to find any fault with this album.

Peace In Our Time is a release that oozes quality from every riff, drum beat and roar. Enhanced by a pristine production job, if you want an intelligent, brutal, well-crafted collection, these eight songs will tick every one of those boxes and much more.

Peace In Our Time Track Listing:

01. The Minor Mystery Of Death
02. Yawm Al Qiyamah
03. Depths
04. Make Disciples Of The Nations
05. Within The Lie Of All Lies
06. In Death We Shall Not Die
07. Age Of War
08. Eternal Oceans

Run Time: 42:03
Release Date: April 7, 2017

Check out the track “The Minor Mystery Of Death”


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