Black metal maestros The Projectionist are now streaming “Chapel Of Astaroth”, the seventh track from their upcoming album Exalted Solitude. The band commented on the track, saying: “‘Chapel Of Astaroth’ is about a true coven of Satanic craft in the Northwest USA and its high priestess. A Sorceress of high virtue and skill in the darkest realms of art. An Ode to the practice of True Satanism amongst a landscape of pretenders….”

The band was formed by frontman Lord Matzigkeitus, formerly of Idolatry, who then comprised an experienced group of talented musicians, whose combined prior work includes acts like Vile Insignia, Unrest, Ov Enochian and Belchior. Together, the group released their first full-length, Poisonous Disengagment, and an EP, The GallowForest Eulogy, both of which brought spine-tingling shrieks and brutal but melancholic riffs.

Furthering their dark and grotesquely heavy sound, the band are preparing to release Exalted Solitude, a terrifying concoction of vicious and malevolent black metal. The album includes artwork by Sang Ho Moon and Jan Pysander Whitney as well as a guest spot from Xasthur’s Christopher Hernandez. It will be out on April 20th via Appalachian Noise Records/The True Plague Records and can be pre-ordered right here.

Exalted Solitude Track Listing:

01. 11 Strikes to Incite Incurable Silences
02. Suckling a Most Hateful Claustrum
03. Ineffable Inner Void
04. Oubliette Threnodies
05. If Erased, So Fertile Ought
06. Draw Away
07. Chapel of Astaroth
08. Zarathustra Within
09. Sleepless Witching Curse
10. Harpy Whispers Malice (The Regent’s Downfall)