He Is Legend have returned with their fifth full-length, few. Few’s namesake is a nod to fans who have stuck with them over the years. As vocalist Schuylar Croom explains, “I was inspired by the words of Helena Blavatsky. She’s basically the godmother of the occult, and she dedicated one of her books to the few. Basically, that means the few that follow the way. I thought it was very fitting for what we do.” Fitting, indeed.

He Is Legend’s sound has evolved significantly over the years, from the heavy chaos of 2004’s 90125 to 2014’s significantly more melodic Heavy Fruit, released nearly a decade later. I would venture to say that few is by far the most radio-friendly release to-date, but I wouldn’t call it ‘tame’ by any means — He Is Legend certainly came for blood on this colossal LP.

“Air Raid” and “Sand” are brutal opening tracks, full of gloom and unfalteringly heavy guitar adorned with vocalist Schylar Croom’s gritty voice. They set the stage beautifully for “Beaufort” and “Alley Cat,” both catchy jams with guitar that shreds hard (check out the solo in “Beaufort” — it’s great). Few is packed with dynamite southern riffs, shifting at a moment’s notice to starkly contrasting pensive, ambient guitar. Tracks like “Gold Dust” venture into the realm of psychedelic rock, while “The Vampyre” and “The Garden” provide an appropriately dark outro to the album. Few succeeds where many other albums fail by maintaining a cohesive sound from start to finish, with each song feeling like a new, distinctly unique chapter.

All in all, few shows a polished return to He Is Legend’s riff-heavy, southern roots — one that will certainly keep the attention of dedicated fans and quickly seduce the ears of new listeners. But, I have to say — I definitely miss the screaming vocals of He Is Legend circa 2004-2005 (think “I Am Hollywood” or “The Seduction”). Even so, I appreciate the range of vocals (and overall growth of sound) on the album. Fans of He Is Legend and/or southern hardcore will definitely enjoy this album. Check out few—you won’t be disappointed.

few Track Listing:

01. Air Raid
02. Sand
03. Beaufort
04. Silent Gold
05. Alley Cat
06. Jordan
07. Gold Dust
08. Call Ins
09. Eastern Locust
10. Fritz the Dog
11. The Vampyre
12. The Garden

Run Time: 43:45
Release Date: April 28, 2017

Check out the track “Sand”