After recently releasing the “I Adore You” music video, Goldie has followed it up with a stream for the song “Prism.” Both come from his double LP The Journey Man. “Prism” showcases the darker and more underground side of Goldie. Elaborating on the track, Goldie commented, “This is one of my favourite drum ‘n’ bass tracks on the album. I wanted to reach back into the 1980s…to capture that feeling when you melt gold in a crucible. When it’s at its hottest point, to create something precious from the raw materials – drum breaks, basslines. But the most important element for me is the melody.”

The Journey Man will be comprised of two parts and sixteen new tracks all written and produced by Goldie. It also features some special collaborators that were handpicked by Goldie to help realise his grand vision for this record. Some of the collaborators featured on the record include Natalie Duncan, Terri Walker, Tyler Lee Daly, Natalie Williams, José James, Naomi Pryor as well as Goldie’s wife, Mika Wassenaar Price.