Godhunter has shared a new song called “Codex Narco” which happens to be the title track to their latest record. Always ones to speak out on social issues, proceeeds of the sales of Codex Narco will go towards Planned Parenthood. This statement of support is reflected in the pink color scheme of the artwork by Bailey Illustration and layout by Cool Ghoul Ltd. (Ethan McCarthy of Primitive Man).

Godhunter’s David Rodgers commented, “We have never been a band that shies away from social issues, but on Codex Narco we’re added more layers of personal strife than ever before. On the surface this song is about a very real subject, the ant-walking alligators of Hiroshima. You can Google that if you want to be even more terrified about the prospect of nuclear war that our current President seems to be driving us towards.”

“But this is also a metaphor about our personal lives constantly being assaulted by things like social media and overexposure,” he continues. “We’re burning ourselves alive. To get this feeling across in the song, we recruited our longtime friend Thorne to lay down these vocals. We needed someone that understands how we feel and has a voice that can covet that emotion and we couldn’t think of a better person than him. Clay from Mountaineer plays guitar on this and Adam from Demon Lung plays bass on this song as well, making it the most collaborative effort on the album.”

Codex Narco Track Listing:

01. A Dread Of Some Strange Impending Doom
02. Like Glass Under Black Fingernails
03. Our Blood Is Poison
04. Cocaine Witches & Lysergic Dreams
05. Unarmed Combat
06. Walking With A Ghost
07. Distant Fading Screams Of A Dying World