London punk band Girls in Synthesis is today premiering the music video for “Disappear”, a track which forms the second half of their AA single “The Mound/Disappear”. The release, spearheaded by angst-ridden grooves and visceral guitars, marks the band’s first ever recorded work and encaptures the unrestrained nature of their live shows, the first of which were in London last September.

The music video, which shows the trio being covered in glue and various forms of glitter and confetti, may seem comical but, in truth, reflects the song’s message. The “tidy mess” of the video reflects the isolated and helpless feelings of the song’s narrator, who is forced to live with the emotional baggage of the past. The video, directed by Camile Leme Nelson and choreographed by ZOOFAN and Bea Dewhurst, was filmed in one long take, meaning that any errors could have ruined hours of preparation.

Tour Dates:

04/13 – The Phoenix, Coventry, UK
04/14 – Garibaldi Hotel, Northampton, UK
05/04 – The Victoria – London, UK
06/02 – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – Brighton, UK
06/30 – Some Weird Sin, Nambucca – London, UK (w/Thee MVP’s)