Creeper formed back in 2014 because of their mutual love of hardcore punk. Hailing from Southampton, England the band have been steadily leading up to their first full-length release following three well-received EPs, the last two of which were with Roadrunner records, so clearly, they were doing something right. Creeper use elements of early AFI’s goth punk stylings along with more traditional punk rock, plus a touch of glam rock thrown in for good measure; a combination that works perfectly.

Eternity, In Your Arms opens with “Black Rain”, piano-based, to begin with, accompanied by a spoken word into from keyboardist/vocalist Hannah Greenwood before kicking in with a similar style to that of AFI back in the early days. Long story short, I was hooked!

“Poison Pens” continues this fashion along with gang chants and catchy guitar riffs with a true horror punk feel the band have become known for. “Suzanne” is another great song similar to what has come before, but will make you forget that this is a British act given the comparison that can be made to Californian punk rock. “Misery” slows things down with light guitar and soft vocals from Will Gould demonstrating the band’s more sensitive side. Much can be said about “Crickets” but, this time Greenwood taking the lead on vocals. Closing the album is “I Choose To Live” which wraps up Eternity, In Your Arms seamlessly.

Creeper deserves attention, a true return to some of those ’90s punk bands I fell in love with in my teens, but with a fresh flavour setting them apart from their predecessors. Some of the best musical groups in history have come from the UK and I find it refreshing that this trend has yet to end.

Eternity, In Your Arms Track Listing:

01. Black Rain
02. Poison Pens
03. Suzanne
04. Hiding with Boys
05. Misery
06. Down Below
07. Room 309
08. Crickets
09. Darling
10. Winona Forever
11. I Choose to Live

Run Time: 36:16
Release Date: March 24, 2017

Check out the track “Misery”