Cinema Cinema takes its name from a scene contained in the 1992 Belgian film: C’est Arrive Pres De Chez Vous aka Man Bites Dog and, on April 28, will release their fourth studio album Man Bites Dog.

Born and raised in NYC, Ev Gold and his drummer cuz Paul Claro are Brooklyn diehards to the core. Consequentially this album was captured in Gowanus at the legendary studio of Martin Bisi. Just 2 days into the recording process, the band’s work was thwarted by a break in. Gear was stolen, including all of the band’s guitars. Recording continued with borrowed instruments and a new sense of purpose; the raw, primal, intense music created was profoundly influenced by these circumstances.

To celebrate the release of the album, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of their new track “Digital Clockwork Orange” which you can check out right here.

Man Bites Dog Track Listing:

01. Bomb Plot
02. Run Until You’re Out
03. Exotic Blood
04. Digital Clockwork Orange
05. Taxi Driver
06. Mask Of The Red Death
07. Shiner No. 5

Tour Dates:

05/04 – Berlin – Schokoladen
05/05 – Hamburg – Gangeviertel
05/06 – Düsseldorf – Brause
05/07 – Offenbach Am Main – HFG Kapelle
05/08 – Hamburg – Frappant
05/09 – Prague – Cafe Na pul cesty
05/10 – Jihlava – Music Club Bezvedomi
05/11 – Budapest – Feszek Kulturalis Kozpont
05/12 – Linz – Secret Show
05/13 – Vienna – Cafe Carina


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