Ungraved Apparition has unleashed new track “Тот, Кто Не Дышит” (which translates to “One Who Does Not Breathe”), a melancholic song taken from the Russian dark metal act’s upcoming album Pulse_0, available April 23rd on Grimm Distribution’s Bandcamp. The track builds to an intense affair with guttural growls and punchy guitars but retains a sinister sense of foreboding throughout.

The band commented: “Since the subject of Pulse_0 is completely based on a mixture of hospital horrors and mysticism, the idea of the following order was born: What if in the operating room the souls of people who died in it remain, and when a person is anesthetized during an operation, his soul can take with him some essence that looks like an emaciated elderly old man. This ghost is a patient who died a long time ago, who comes to the still alive and takes their souls with them, thus killing them and replenishing the statistics of incomprehensible deaths within the walls of this hospital. The souls of the deceased people, whom he took with him, call him ‘one who does not breathe.'”

Formed in late 2014, the band went from a trio to a quintet in August 2015. Following the desire to beef up their sound, founding members Micky Babossa (guitar), Paul Kas (drums), and Leon Kratt (bass guitar) welcomed Bones Taker as a second guitarist and Damned as a vocalist.

The album’s concept is a fittingly dark and grotesque one, centred around the combining of two distinct worlds. The first of these is one of depression and despair caused by incurable disease and the sadism of gory surgical experiments and another of the dead – the afterlife in which departed souls suffer.