Charlatan has released a music video for new single “Cvn’t Destroy Her”, taken from their latest album Remarkable, out today, April 7th, via Revival Recordings. The scrap metal outfit showcase their dynamic sound in the track, with the dimly lit video reflecting the band’s eccentricities whilst also holding a message.

The band commented on the video: “In order to have a functioning society, everyday life is built on social contracts. School, driving, work, dining; everything we do, we consent to trade personal freedoms for the betterment of the whole or even the self. We love a good citizen. In a world that praises a ‘give much and take little’ mentality, we ironically champion those who take much and give none. The reward being publicity. This new album (at least from my perspective), is giving up on the idea of sacrifice and adopting payment as a method of gain. We don’t want to take anything unearned but we also don’t want to give away anything either. For example: conversation is free, but if I’m the one somebody is having a conversation with I require a payment in the form of an idea. Conversely, I expect that person to require the same. To me, our songs should be conversations. When it comes to the video, this is Charlatan denying the social contract. Not in order to take much and give none, but to buy much and sell to the people who value it most.”

The ten-track album continues the band’s willingness to talk about reality, including its taboo subjects, through a comical lens of irony, sarcasm and, at times, plain goofiness. The band’s unique approach allows them to avoid cliches and genre tropes, as they playfully drift through an array of various genres.