The inimitable Biffy Clyro brought the live embodiment of their seventh full-length album Ellipsis to Toronto on Saturday night, performing an almost two-hour long set of some of their finest material to a capacity crowd of ecstatic fans. The band performed 21 songs tonight, complete with what sounded like a piece of the Golden Girls theme song around “Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies.”

Also included this evening were “Wolves Of Winter,” “Spanish Radio,” “In The Name of the Wee Man,” “Black Chandelier,” “9/15ths” and “Stingin’ Belle.” This evening also included a most impressive rendition of “Bubbles” that turned into a full-on Toronto sing-along midway through tonight’s performance. Simon Neil, James and Ben Johnston, along with Oceansize alumnae Mike Vennart and Richard (Gambler) Ingram, firmly in place as their touring guitarist/pianist/backing vocalists utterly delivered an A-game evening of musical anthems. Truly, a band that never disappoints!


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