Brussels-based trio Animal Youth has released “Darkest Days,” the second single off of their debut album Animal. The track shows off Animal Youth’s knack for murky melodies and lush swaths of noise. Clad with cold reverted drums and a pensive chorus, the track encapsulates the band’s dark, romantic sound.

“‘Darkest Place’ is a bit of an aural taste of death and rebirth within the field of love,” vocalist and guitarist Guy Tournay said. “It explores a primal pact of careless lovers who are quick to fall into the ruin of a relationship—the place where everything comes to end and dies. In the shadowy spiral, new things are borne of death and spring up from the darkest place.”

Animal Track Listing:

01. Darkest Place
02. Sunday
03. Love You (When You’re Dead)
04. To Burn Is The Next Big Thing
05. You Don’t Know Love
06. Feeling
07. Rainy Day
08. In Heaven