Coming straight out of a crawfish boil is Spirit of Tradition, the alcohol-soaked rants of the Southern gentlemen syndicate known as Vermilion Whiskey. The six-song EP is appropriately named as it boasts Southern rock n roll tradition through and through. Musical influences of neighbouring bands, Corrosion of Conformity or Down, are definitely heard on the album but a job well done to the boys for escaping the grips of Anselmo fever that you hear far too often from groups down South.

From start to finish the album boogies through a handful of riffs giving an approachable upbeat feel to what is chock full of rough edges and a hardened attitude. It’s an American answer to what the UK turns out as pub rock. It’s sane enough to be put in a jukebox but you know well enough that that jukebox won’t be found in any sane bar.

If Iommi is God and praise be to Pepper Kennan is the path you follow then crack open a can and kick back to what will certainly be a heavy hitter in 2017.

Spirit of Tradition Track Listing:

01. Road King
02. The Past Is Dead
03. Come Find Me
04. Monolith
05. One Night
06. Loaded Up

Run Time: 29:16
Release Date: February 17, 2017

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