The Little Miss has released her new single “Doubt,” a song that blends some Americana, Fiona Apple and maybe a little White Stripes too. Speaking about the song, The Little Miss commented, “Doubt’ concerns itself with the intellectual understanding that life’s answers cannot be summoned, but takes note of the relentless desire to still call for said answers. Essentially, it’s about asking questions that you know you will never have an answer for (i.e. ‘I pray every day and I pray every night, but I’ll never know if I am getting it right. Or will I?’).

The Little Miss is a Los Angeles based musician who has her musical roots in jazz, blues and folk music. Her latest release is the upcoming EP American Dream which was recorded and produced by Echo Park local, Joel Jerome. Hayley Johnson, akaThe Little Miss, previously went by the stage name of “Hazel,” before she developed the idea for The Little Miss while in college at San Francisco State University. While there, she rediscovered her love of music through her studies in Philosophy. After graduating, she traveled down south to fully invest herself in her love of folk, blues and Americana music.