It seems that Leif Edling can do no wrong, even when taking care of himself after being doctor-ordered to take a break from rocking out. Seriously, that’s the cause of the birth of The Doomsday Kingdom, in case you haven’t been following; however, Leif has also stated since the beginning that this project about paying homage to classic heavy metal influences. No one’s going to question a man with such a pedigree in heavy, so we say bring it on!

Niklas Stålvind from Sweden’s Wolf has proven to be an excellent vocalist, as his passion and unique wails build a fearless front-line for the group’s assault with Edling, fellow Avatarium stringer Marcus, and powerhouse drummer Andreas ‘Habo’ Johansson of Narnia fame. “The Never Machine” is on here from their debut EP as well as an extended version of “The Sceptre”, but the tracks “The God Particle” and “A Spoonful Of Darkness” are just simply thrilling with Jidell’s fiery fretwork.

As before, with the birth of their debut EP, the album has been a craft of love as much as therapy for all involved to some degree. Everything fits so well for this idea-that-became-a-band, you feel almost as if they should have a song catalog years thick. In the end, the songs have a very spirited feel, as it owes more to the inspirations inspiring the band’s birth; and subsequently, the life paths and talents of the member’s therein. Here’s genuinely hoping this slight branch-out from doomish expectancy, continues giving us epic hits for a long time to come.

The Doomsday Kingdom Track Listing:

01. Silent Kingdom
02. The Never Machine
03. A Spoonful Of Darkness
04. See You Tomorrow
05. The Sceptre
06. Hand Of Hell
07. The Silence
08. The God Particle

Run Time: 52:18
Release Date: March 31, 2017

Check out the track “Hand Of Hell” with this lyric video.