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Pierce The Veil (w/ Falling In Reverse, Crown The Empire) @ Danforth Music Hall (Toronto, ON) on March 2, 2017 [Photos & Show Review]

Pierce The Veil managed to deliver a stadium rock level show in a theatre environment while Crown The Empire and Falling In Reverse did an excellent job warming things up.



Thankfully, it was easy for me to blend in last night at Pierce The Veil. I stood against the wall midway from the stage with the dads who had brought their daughters to the show, and nobody paid me any mind. I think if I’d gotten into the middle of the crowd, I might not have fared as well – I’m tall and was easily 30 years over the median age of screaming fanatics on this second night of two Pierce the Veil shows. It wouldn’t have been pretty. That said, I was in the room to rock. Pierce the Veil have numerous quality albums under their belt, and Falling In Reverse have a reputation for high-energy performances. I say reputation because they’d not played Toronto ever, until these two shows.

Dallas, Texas band Crown The Empire (Rise Records) followed by Las Vegas band Falling In Reverse did an excellent job warming things up this evening. Crown The Empire walked out on stage at 7 pm, two large inflatable spacemen on either side of the drummer, and blasted their way through six songs, a few of which had members in the audience singing along. Vocalist Andy Leo mentioned that a friend of his sherpa’d up his ID earlier today, meaning he could leave our fine country.

Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke, along with his cohorts Derek Jones, Ryan Seaman, Zakk Sandler and Christian Thompson, pummeled the audience with a dizzying array of lights and sounds tonight. AND pizza. Radke strutted out on stage before “The Drug In Me Is You” with the remaining pizza and potato chips from their dressing room, and hurled the slices into the Danforth Music Hall like frisbees, a few of the slices skipping off the ceiling and reaching the fans on the back balcony section. There were moments of slick electronic beats interwoven with their music that I found quite refreshing to hear. And I thoroughly enjoyed trying to keep my eyes focused on the band through a few of their songs – the lights behind the band quite literally washing them out on a bombarding of bright whites through a few of their songs.

Pierce The Veil allowed a minute long introductory video lifting elements of their recently released Misadventures to be projected onto a large white screen that obstructed the band and their stage set-up behind it. The screen dropped, confetti blasted out into the crowd from either side of the stage, and Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado stormed the stage in kinetic fashion.

Vic Fuentes pulled one euphoric young girl (Anna) out of the audience and sat her down on a stool and serenaded her with the beginning of “Bulletproof Love” before the band erupted into the meaty part of the track, and she was walked off to the side of the stage. Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado bounced around on stage like cats stuck on the same hot tin roof, spinning in the air some of the times as they played their guitars in the air. The band sent confetti into the audience, along with some air-cannon launched streamers and numerous blasts of Compressed air pillars throughout the evening. Pierce The Veil managed to deliver a stadium rock level show in a theatre environment. I’m sure many of the patrons left the show swelling with delight at what they’d just seen, many of them likely experiencing Pierce The Veil as one of their very first live concerts.

This was a solid evening of rock – each of the bands bringing their A-Game to the overall tour package.

Crown The Empire setlist:
Memories of a Broken Heart
The Fallout

Falling In Reverse setlist:
Sink or Swim
God, If You Are Above…
Rolling Stone
Fashionably Late
I’m Not a Vampire
Bad Girls Club
The Departure
The Drug In Me Is You
Just Like You

Pierce The Veil setlist:
Dive In
Texas Is Forever
The Divine Zero
Bulletproof Love
Floral & Fading
Stay Away From My Friends (Acoustic)
Bulls in the Bronx
Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides
Hold On Till May

King for a Day