I love bands that make it hard for me to put them in a particular genre, and the bizarro blend of post-hardcore, alt-rock and indie college-worship from this Greek outfit makes it all the more interesting. And rewarding.

The band waste little time with their eponymous album opener “On The Quiet,” a song that seeks to whet the appetite and clear the palate rather than blast the listener’s hair back. But it does indeed end up being the quietest song on this otherwise bumping album. Straightforward in its intentions, the album acts like a window into what every 90’s skramz band would have done with early 00’s alt rock tone. Of course, the same could be said of the vocals, which do a terrific job of straddling the line between choked emotion and disaffected indie rock, while ending up being terrifically more enthused than either of those things.

The themes present on the album are what really give pause. Progressive and driving in its approach, it’s also sobering to read the liner notes and realise the only impetus and power remain in the plugged in components. The vocals that flow are crackling and bristling, but the pages they come from are mournful, dour, filled with sorrow. They’re filled with the remorse of bygone mistakes and while they do long at parts. (May the water give you peace/ may you come back/ may you never sink), it’s tempered by the frustration of knowing that’s no longer an option.)

Overall, On The Quiet gains dimensions upon repeat listens, but ultimately ends up being a rewarding album for anyone interested in any of the genres it successfully manages to straddle.

On The Quiet Track Listing:

01. On The Quiet
02. To Old Endings
03. A Gore Fantasy
04. Ages Since
05. The Bipolar
06. Comedies Of Neutral Laughter
07. Nothing Important Happened Today
08. The Realm, The Queen & The Lost Boy
09. Shadows Of Our Best Intentions
10. To New Beginnings

Run Time: 40:02
Release Date: February 1, 2017

Check out the song “Nothing Important Happened Today”