Another year, another March, another EP from Pickering’s very own Lungless. While their previous EP Exhale had more of a darker approach to their sound, their latest is less an exercise in heavy and contains more reflection on melody and harmony. Though this isn’t to say they aren’t still obsessed with the post-hardcore/metalcore sound that they have remained faithful to throughout their time together. Within this slot, they’ve released another solid EP that is able to meander through the usual subjects of self-immolation, loathing, and despair, with a level of production that keeps the package glossy.

The melodic parts I mention above are more apparent on opener “To The Part Of Me I’m Missing”‘s vocal work, and the tendrils of guitar strains on closer “Beauty In Death”. In between is sandwiched more vocal harmonies and clean singing that channel Alexisonfire and Silverstein.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t heaviness, far from it. Gone are the brief moments of brooding featured on their previous EP, but what remains is a band that, when it wants to flex, can deliver on viciousness and punching violence. Of course, this is all undercut with lyrics focused on the mental landscape of unfortunate circumstances.

Overall, this EP is a solid entry in the Canadian hardcore scene and will no doubt only serve to add to their already growing following.

The Love That Remains EP Track Listing:

01. To The Part Of Me I’m Missing
02. Near Shore
03. The One And Only
04. Unwitched
05. Beauty In Death

Run Time: 16:55
Release Date: 24 March 2017

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