Los Angeles duo Tashaki Miyaki has shared new single “Out Of My Head”, the third single to be taken from their upcoming debut album The Dream, out April 7th via Metropolis Records. The Dream was produced by the band’s own Paige Stark and engineered by Dan Horne (Cass McCombs, Allah Las).

Stark offered comment: “It’s a song about wanting to shut off my mind. I suffer from various anxieties and depression that can become exhausting. As John Milton says in Paradise Lost, ‘The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.’ Musically I wanted it to feel the opposite, soothing and expansive…like a daydream.”

The band has intentionally been mysterious since forming in 2011. At first, they performed under aliases and the origins of their name are also ambiguous, though some believe it may be a mispronunciation of Japanese director Takashi Miike’s name. Since then, the band has toured in North America, the UK and Europe and have completed various festival sets.

The Dream Track Listing:

01. LAPD Prelude
02. City
03. Girls On My T.V.
04. Out Of My Head
05. Anyone But You
06. Cool Runnings
07. Tell Me
08. Facts Of Life
09. Keep Me In Mind
10. Get It Right
11. Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’
12. LAPD Finale