Gergo Hajer, founding member of Omega Diatribe, is streaming new track “My Own Enemy”, written for the upcoming album from his new studio project Audionerve. The track features Nick Oshiro (Statix-X, Seether) on drums, with Andres Vincze (Tilt X, Monastery, The Ministers) tackling vocal duties for the entire release. Another track will also feature Kevil Talley (Suffocation, Misery Index, Chimaira) on drums.

Hajer commented on the track and his new project, saying: “The idea for this project came in 2013, because I have so many songs that can’t fit in Omega Diatribe’s profile but are really important for me as well. These songs are really clean, full of energy but also have a lot of emotion in them. These songs were tracked with ‘classic’ 6-string guitars in a different tuning than Omega Diatribe. The fact is, that I am mostly influenced by the 90’s/early 2000’s modern/groove metal scene, so it’s obvious that I would like to make a record with songs like these. I don’t want to redeem the world with these songs, it just comes from my instincts you know. I’m a big fan of simple but hard grooves!”

He continues: “The original idea was that I wanted to make each song with different musicians, but I had to find out it’s more difficult than I thought. The timing is so difficult with musicians who have a main band and different projects. So, for this reason, I teamed up with my old friend Andres, who did vocals on the songs. Audionerve’s album will also feature Kevin Talley, and Nick Oshiro as well, which is nothing but an honor for me! ‘My Own Enemy’ is a classic groove-centric rager, which breaks the most massive walls, I believe it! Hope you guys like it, stay tuned for the whole record!”

Andres Vincze also offered comment, saying: “For 11 years we’ve known each other and I tied a friendship immediately with Gergo. On the other hand, this project has been working in secret since 2015. Nick Oshiro, in my point of view, is a beast doing his “groove” drumming, It’s an honor to work with him and I look up to him. The recording was and still is a very easy going process, the tunes were, for a long time, planned inside my head – Greg with his dark and catchy melodies is simply awesome, very easy to work with! Sometimes I feel we understand each other without words and that is awesome. I am currently working on several projects at the same time but I deal with all of them with the same enthusiasm.”

Nick Oshiro spoke of “My Own Enemy”, adding: “There were so many applicants that I decided to have a runner-up, Gergo Hajer from Budapest, Hungary was that guy. I can’t believe that I’m doing online drum tracking for musicians all over the world! His riff was just out right slammin’. He had that Meshuggah kind of tone which I like a lot! I had such a good time recording this song. This song is crushing! Awesome track my friend!”