London via Berlin alternative electronic post-punk duo, Lea Porcelain has released a brooding, alternative take on the Bruce Springsteen classic “Streets of Philadelphia.” The track was recorded as a Christmas present for friends and family of the band and really represents what Lea Porcelain are all about.

“During the last recording-sessions for the album, we went for weeks on end sleeping through days and working through nights in the Funkhaus,” recall the band, “We hardly saw any family during that time and Christmas was fast approaching and we had no presents to give.”

They go on to add, “We remembered that for some reason we would always blast this song through our stereo at home and it was kind of a homecoming song during our recording period. One day before we drove down to the family for Christmas, we spent a night covering this song and in various versions, this is the version that we came up with that sounds fully like us and we would give this song to everyone of our family and friends to listen to and to thank them for their support, their understanding and their love.”

Lea Porcelain’s version of “Streets of Philadelphia” is available now through all digital retailers.