Green Day are currently making their way around the country on the “Revolution Radio” Tour. They landed in Worcester, MA on St. Patrick’s Day and I can think of no better way to have spent the “green” holiday than rocking out with Green Day. Talking to people before the show started, I heard time and time again that this was the show that they had been looking forward to for months. The crowd was full of individuals of all ages; from people who had recently become addicted to the band’s music to those that had grown up with it.

Standing in the pit with my camera just moments before Green Day would take the stage, I could feel the excitement in the DCU Center growing. The crowd exploded with cheers when Tré Cool was the first to emerge onto the stage. He promptly chucked his drumsticks to the back of the stage and ascended a staircase dawned in strips of lights to get to his drum set throne. I might not have had the luck of the Irish on my side that night to have access to watch the entire set, but sources (my roommate) told me that the first two songs I experienced were just the beginning of what shaped up to be a phenomenal show. Having only one other band on the tour’s bill, Green Day had ample time to play a lengthy set. I wasn’t even able to hear more about the rest of the evening until the next day due my roommate losing her voice at the show — as she and the rest of the audience sang along to an extraordinary two dozen plus songs throughout the night.

Green Day had an impressive stage set-up, which included an extra aisle that led out from the stage into the audience like a catwalk. Billie Joe Armstrong took advantage of this throughout the songs and got close to those that showed up very early in the evening to score front row spots. It wasn’t far into the night that the first guest appeared on stage. The lucky boy was walked down to the end of the catwalk and then quickly ushered back up to the main part of the stage. You could see in the kid’s eyes that he knew what was coming – Billie quickly put his hand up to motion that he had needed to hold on for just a moment longer. Suddenly his hand went down and the kid ran at full speed down the platform and catapulted into the welcoming arms of the audience to crowd surf amongst a sea of green. Having been around the scene for well, quite some time, Green Day knows how to put together a unique performance and elicit a strong response from the audience.

The first leg of the “Revolution Radio” tour is about halfway through, but thankfully this spring is not the only time you’ll catch them on the road this year. The trek throughout the US and Canada will continue this fall; so don’t miss them when they come through your area next.