Listen up, soldier. Generals of Monrovia have just issued their second list of commands, a capable EP called Immigrant Punk. It’s an apt name, especially given that the Canadian trio recently moved to Austin, Texas.

Immigrant Punk definitely has its share of good moments. Third track “Monroe” finds vocalist General Sokah pushing the boundaries of his range, and racially-charged “Based On A True Story” is tragedy shrouded in tasteful minimalism. “This Time Around” and “You Bring This On” add a welcome dose of energy and raw catchiness to close out the EP.

The songs do grow on you over time, but I’m still not quite inspired to come back for more. “This Time Around” seems to build toward a high-powered chorus but fails to deliver, while “Dodgy At Best” is underwhelming at best, lacking the alluring energy that it merely flirts with. The songs are often not chill enough to be relaxing, but also not powerful enough to be cathartically satisfying.

It won’t blow you away, but Immigrant Punk is still worth your time, especially if you have the patience for a second or third listen. Trump may be ready to close the Mexican border for good, but I’m glad that Generals of Monrovia successfully crossed over from Canada to join the American punk scene. Check out the EP, and you will be too.

Immigrant Punk [EP] Track Listing:

01. Artifact
02. Dodgy At Best
03. Monroe
04. Based On A True Story
05. This Time Around
06. You Bring This On

Run Time: 16:39
Release Date: February 17, 2017

Check out the Immigrant Punk EP