Fit For An Autopsy has been widely recognized as one of the most promising bands on the metal scene since their 2013 release Hellbound. Fast forward two years, and they outdid themselves with the shockingly heavy, yet melodic and ambient Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell. Now, in 2017, another two years have passed and Fit For An Autopsy has cemented their legacy. Their latest album, The Great Collapse is unparalleled – and easily takes the throne for best deathcore album of 2017 so far.

On their newest record, Fit For An Autopsy stay true to their roots with obscenely heavy melodies and breakdowns, but take it a step further with their messages. The Great Collapse is riddled with stark social commentary and observations of the world today – violent, angry, fragmented. They are not inherently political, rather their lyrics work to shed light on the bigger issues at hand. For instance, their moving music video for their looming, ambient track “Black Mammoth” is done in a documentary style in order to evidence the struggle and tragedies facing Standing Rock with the Dakota Access Pipeline. (Watch it below.)

The album kicks off with “Hydra,” a pummeling intro track that sets the stage for the maddening riffs and creeping, melodic grooves throughout. “Hydra” leads into the first of many bludgeoning breakdowns with a call and response verse that will incite some dangerous moshing at their upcoming shows: “We were the lions, now we bow to the hydra / ‘Cause when you cut off the head, fucking two grow back.”

“Heads Will Hang” confronts the universal refugee problem head on. This song is incredibly powerful, putting the listener in the shoes of a displaced refugee, evoking empathy. To take it a step further, the track also features a chorus with clean vocals. Unsurprisingly, FFAA has mastered the seamless integration of clean singing, without taking away any of the heavy, technical deathcore grooves that define them. While the subject matter is utterly raw and emotional, “Heads Will Hang” remains perhaps the heaviest, most mosh-worthy track on all of The Great Collapse.

Beyond the death metal riffs, and low, growling vocals, the song “When The Bulb Burns Out” addresses climate change and sustainability, confirming that it is not an issue of politics, rather of survival. Guitarist and co-founder Pat Sheridan fittingly states, “We think it’s important to carry that torch. Somebody’s got to say something about the shit that’s going on. If you’re not using your music, which is a great platform, for something meaningful that you care about on some level, then you’re kind of wasting it.”

With Will Putney’s guitar skills and notorious recording prowess amplified by co-guitarists Pat Sheridan and Tim Howley, complimented by Joe Badolato’s powerful vocal range, and Peter Spinazola’s bass grooves and Josean Olta’s immaculate drumming, there is no doubt that FFAA can put together a flawless deathcore record. The addition of Gojira-esque, timely and meaningful messaging on The Great Collapse has successfully thrusted their sound onto the next level.

The Great Collapse Track Listing:

01. Hydra
02. Heads Will Hang
03. Black Mammoth
04. Terraform
05. Iron Moon
06. When The Bulbs Burn Out
07. Too Late
08. Empty Still
09. Spiral

Run Time: 35:40
Release Date: March 17, 2017

Check out the video for the song “Black Mammoth”