At last the debut of Japan’s Earthists rears it’s head, after forming in late 2014 releasing just a string of singles during that time. If you’re going to play music that you love, or do that which brings something new to the table, then by all means. Unfortunately new is not the case here this time. The love, energy, and talent inherent here however, almost saves this from being one of the smaller fish in a pretty big sea, but just barely.

The first I had heard from this Tokyo-based bunch was in 2015’s “FLUX (feat. Sam Jacobs of The Afterimage)”, which found it’s way here to the debut. Their track “Resonating Light (feat. Ichika)”, and especially that amazingly light solo break towards it’s end, had me keep an eye on them. Saying the band is musically adept is an understatement; almost to a level of clinical preciseness, which at times is a deterrent as much as a strength for the band. The standout track to my ears is “Radial”, which does a brilliant job of portraying Earthists. This is also sad being an instrumental, which excludes the singer’s talents.

“Footsteps” and “Winterfell” are a fine representation of what this album should have more gone for in feel. Remember, like every other division of metal since it’s birth, there’s an initial critical mass of bands that eventually subside until the strongest few remain. Especially these past few years, there really is a lot of similar talent within this genre right now. Persistence and perseverance will be but of two vital ingredients in helping this band rise to their spot. Being their first album, it’s a show of strength and skill that prog and djent fans can’t contest. Dreamscape is predominantly a neuron feast though, and for this, the band would do better to write more to stir the soul and make you move next time out.

Dreamscape Track Listing:

01. Dreamscape
02. Footprints
03. Absolutely Zero
04. Resonating Light (feat. Ichika)
05. FLUX (feat. Sam Jacobs from The Afterimage)
06. Magna
07. Cybele
08. Radial
09. Fall
10. Long Way Home
11. Winterfell

Run Time: 41:01
Release Date: March 8, 2017

Check out the band’s video for the song “Cybele”