Chicago’s The Bingers have shared a new track called “Simone,” a feel-good sounding song with a ’60s vibe to it. “Simone” is the most pop-leaning track that you’ll hear on their debut album Stay Satisfied and one that captures their fun, laid-back nature. The album was self-recorded by the band to tape on an old eight-track which captures the essence of the band’s gritty, fuzzed-out mix of surf and garage-rock that’s made up of two guitars and drums.

The Bingers are made up of brothers Ronnie and Teddy and longtime friend Jack. All three began as guitar players and songwriters with their own style and own material. Taking a cue from bands such as The Oblivians and The Gories, the guys decided to switch roles throughout their sets, and they share songwriting duties and approach vocals as a group effort.

Stay Satisfied Track Listing:

01. Blues #1
02. Shake City
03. Big Operation
04. (Killer) On The Loose
05. Radical Friends (So Tough)
06. Ever Wonder
07. It’s Morning
08. Mama’s Son
09. 650 CCs
10. Simone
11. Ocean Blue
12. I Saw A Comet
13. And You