If you’re tired of hearing all the usual promotion that goes along with learning about a new album then we have a special list for you! All That Remains is about to release their eighth studio album Madness on April 28th and in honor of that, we present to you the ten things you didn’t already know about the popular metal band. The list was compiled completely by the band members themselves! Check it out below and don’t forget to pick up the band’s latest record Madness.

TOP 10 facts you didn’t know about All That Remains:

10. Jason knows an abnormal amount of information about bugs.

09. Prior to joining All That Remains, Aaron had played or filled in for Bury Your Dead, In Flames, and Lamb of God.

08. Oli once gave John Petrucci an answer to a question that he didn’t know at a John Petrucci guitar clinic.

07. Mike is an oversized child and still watches WWE programming regularly.

06. Phil is a huge fan of Skrillex.

05. At one point when our song “Six” was part of the game Guitar Hero, Oli played the game so much every day that it nearly ruined playing actual guitar for him. He stopped immediately. (laughs)

04. Mike and Oli are surprisingly good at ping pong.

03. Jason, for whatever reason feels the need to brush his teeth right before he goes on stage every night.

02. Aaron used to be a personal trainer and is currently an official musclepharm athlete.

01. At one point on a tour, our driver could not get into Canada so we basically stole the bus company’s bus and drove it ourselves into Toronto, tipped it into a ditch in a snow storm, almost killed everyone, got towed out of it and still made it to the venue in time for a sold out show!

Check out the band’s song “Safe House”