You only need to take one look at the artwork for Pain & Suffering to know that the new offering from the returning Advent is going to be DIY as fuck. Quite rightly too! This is hardcore muthafuckers, so if you’re going to do it then, as UFC fighters put it, go hard or go home!

Weighing in at just over eighteen minutes long, Pain & Suffering doesn’t really pull any punches but, and maybe it’s just me, as this is their first recording in nearly eight years, maybe I expected something a bit more. Sure, the band are certainly no slouches when it comes to hard-fucking-core, with the likes of “Weight Of The World” giving your body a right good beating but, aside from the problem most old-school hardcore albums suffer from (i.e. sounding a bit generic), it’s all over before you’ve had chance to pick yourself up off the floor and dust yourself down.

Obviously it’s great when a band comes out of retirement but, in this case, unless you’re a hardcore fan of the band, you’ll probably just listen to this for eighteen minutes, enjoy it, then stick it with the ever-growing pile of hardcore releases that sound exactly like this does.

Pain & Suffering [EP] Track Listing:

01. Wind From The Valley
02. Weight Of The World
03. Shadow Of Death
04. BrickxBrick

Run Time: 18:36
Release Date: January 27, 2017

Take a listen to the Pain & Suffering EP

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