Once again I am reminded of why I love listening to and writing about new music for PureGrainAudio. I fear if this were not the case I would have missed out on Battle Through Time a real gem of a disc. This North Carolina-based melodic death metal act have put together an album that is reminiscent of the heavyweights in the genre like Amon Amarth and In Flames. I know that seems a bit of an odd comparison but, from the moment “No Graves For The Dead” kicks off the disc, the listener is treated to a tonne of killer riffs and terrific growling vocals, all delivered at a pace that is sure to get your neck snapping and your fist pounding in the air.

Furthermore, if guitar leads are your thing, then this is a record for you as well. Razor sharp leads slice through the chaos in true virtuoso style, these guys can play and they don’t mind letting you know it. For me the record gets better as it progresses, culminating in what I feel is the best track on the disc, the epic eight-minute title track, “Battle Through Time”. Most often songs of this length tend to become a bit drawn out and boring but even after multiple listens I can’t get enough of it, it really rocks!

Lastly, perhaps it is because of the digital age we live in, but I feel a lot of bands do not take the time to create great album art. To me, it seems like it has been cast to the wayside in this age. Good news though, if you are like me, the artwork for Battle Through Time is killer and definitely adds to the overall experience.

Battle Through Time Track Listing:

01. No Graves for the Dead
02. Conscripted
03. Champion Of Dawn
04. Black Ocean
05. Embers and Omens
06. Longhammer
07. Primal Revelation
08. Faceless Eyes
09. Final Right
10. Battle Through Time

Run Time: 48:10
Release Date: January 27, 2017

Check out the track “Longhammer”