Toronto punk rockers, Deforesters, are streaming their entire new debut LP, Leonard, which releases on February 25th via Black Numbers. Leonard follows the band’s self-titled EP from 2016.

Commenting on the new full-length, the band noted: “We recorded it at Drive Studios with Steve Rizun (Flatliners, Junior Battles, Creepshow, Success). We recorded the album in a few big chunks followed by lots of piecemeal days to finish stuff up. Musically I would say we want to achieve the following: finely tuned pop songs played through a modern punk aesthetic and sensibility with nods to classic punk rock like the Ramones, Dead Kennedys and Buzzcocks as well as a wide array of outside influences like classic rock and pop, folk, country, Tin Pan Alley and traditional heavy metal. I would describe lyrical themes as the inevitability of both change and stagnation, ennui, the difficulty of maintaining meaningful relationships, the feeling of isolation and invisibility one experiences in large urban centres and self-deprecation.”

Leonard Track Listing:

01. Obligatory Cutesy Intro
02. A Song For The Reptoids Of Denver International Airport To Sing
03. I’ll Take The Crab Juice
04. Zesty Mordant
05. Is This A God Damn?
06. The Topiary Animals Are Telling Me To Do Terrible Things
07. Exercise In Futility
08. Air Out Your Stinkables
09. Clever Song Title
10. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?
11. This Is Gibsonton Not Gainesville
12. Snow Line
13. Municipal Geography Lesson


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