Over the past few years, hip-hop has been showing off its darker, sexier side. Spanning an array of artists from The Weekend to Roy Woods to Post Malone, this trend of chill/ambient trap and R&B doesn’t show any signs of dying out, and that’s a good thing. It’s atmospheric, seductive, and emotionally tantalizing.

LA-based duo THEY. might just emerge as the genre’s newest heavy lifters. THEY. is comprised of Drew Love and Dante Jones. The two are veterans of the studio, producing for industry moguls such as will.i.am, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo and more. Recently, they’ve decided to go their own way, releasing their debut album, Nü Religion: Hyena. The album is an outstanding triumph, featuring lush production and intelligent, lavish lyrics.

Nü Religion: Hyena is mysterious; you never know what sound is going to hit you next. A wide array of influences and the duo’s strong production background results in a postulating sensory experience. Where “What You Want” is funky, “Bad Habits” is raw and hedonistic, “Dante’s Creek” is comforting and nostalgic, and “U-Rite” is hard-hitting and aggressive.

Although they just arrived, THEY. won’t be going anywhere. Their authentic, provocative sound is a welcome addition to the scene. Nü Religion: Hyena is sure to be one of this year’s strongest debuts.

Nü Religion: Hyena track list:

01. Nü Religion: Hyena (Intro)
02. Africa
03. Deep End
04. Motley Crew
05. Truth Be Told
06. What You Want
07. Silence
08. Back Around
09. Bad Habits
10. Say When
11. All
12. Dante’s Creek
13. Back It Up
14. U-RITE

Run Time: 45:00
Release Date: February 24, 2017

Check out the song “U-RITE”