Greenville, South Carolina’s phenomenal soul-influenced psychedelic southern rock/blues guitarist Markus King, and his band, made a stop in Toronto at the Horseshoe Tavern on Wednesday night. At only 20 years old, the guy just wails on his guitar. Unbelievable! Amazingly, they were able to fit the entire 6-man band on the Horseshoe’s small stage. The group sounded awesome and I think most of the fans at the packed venue would agree with me if I say, this guy’s going places!

Set List:

01. Self Hatred
02. “not sure”
03. Dear Prudence
04. Fraudulent Waffle
05. Have You Ever Been Mistreated
06. Always
07. On Your Way Down
08. Give Up The Funk
09. Unfunky UFO
10. The Man You Didn’t Know
11. Radio Soldier
12. Rita Is Gone
13. Dyin’
14. Drums
15. The Mystery Of Mr. Eads
16. Virginia
17. Had To Cry Today
18. Who Knows
19. Head To Cry Today (reprise)