13 years ago I saw a support band that confused the hell out of me but, at the same time, intrigued another part of me. After buying their album at that show and listening to it for a long time, I came to realise that Sikth were some breed of crazy geniuses. After some personnel changes and a six year hiatus, Sikth returned in 2014 to the live arena and self-released an EP, Opacities, in 2015.

Currently the band are touring through Europe as main support to Trivium before they release their new album on May 26th. As a prelude to the new record which will be coming out on Snapper Music imprint Millenium Night, the track “No Wishbones” was released as a single on February 11th. If you haven’t checked Sikth out before, now is the time to do it but remember, keep an open mind when you do!