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Hamilton, Ontario-based alternative rock group, Radio Free Universe, are set to release their debut album, Casa Del Diablo, on March 17th, 2017 via Jet Pack Records. The 12-track offering can be pre-ordered right here and includes the ripping lead single “Disclosure” which we’re pumped to now offer you as a totally FREE download!

The band commented on the song: “This is a strange song. It’s about aliens running the planet. Aliens from another dimension. It talks about 9/11 and reptilians that ‘take you away and teach you how to love, take you away until you’re one of us.’ The song was instant. When the riff was written the words happened immediately and have never been questioned for any reason. Sometimes songs are in the either and they are an accumulation of strange thoughts and strange places. I think the song is reaching to understand why the world is in the state it’s in. In the end, it’s a battle of the beast inside us and our connection to something we may never understand.”

Casa Del Diablo Track Listing:

01. American Gun (2:53)
02. Disclosure (3:13)
03. 18 Wheels (3:37)
04. Butterfly(3:26)
05. DMT (2:55)
06. Six (3:56)
07. Magnolia Girl (3:09)
08. The Rest of Us (3:50)
09. Dirty Little Things (4:47)
10. Rhythm and Bones (2:26)
11. Happy (2:44)
12. Armageddon Road (2:28)
Run Time: 39:31


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