With 2016 being one of their biggest years so far for Germany’s Powerwolf, Napalm Records saw fit to gift fans and newcomers alike with a re-released tour edition of Blessed and Possessed (also containing a bonus CD of their live headlining performance from Summer Breeze in 2015). From their songs to related album art and image, this serves their brand of epic power metal quite well. To say that their popularity has been on the rise these past few years would well be stating the obvious.

I don’t think a blow-by-blow account of their various heavy blasts of grandiose tales can do anything to raise the stature of band or recordings. Suffice to say that anyone who has not seen/heard the band, shall fully appreciate this Summer Breeze show (replete with loads of stage banter). Their sonic prowess is just as lethal and captivating as their recorded output, but brought to life with and in stadiums as one can attest. It’s also rather joyous to hear huge crowds chanting melodies with bands, bonding all as one in the moment.

For someone who has only lately discovered the mighty beasts of metal, this would serve as a good reason to get this. The various packaging incarnations of this release are lavish as well, as a fan of bands who put all around thought into their recordings. If anything, this is more like a celebration or thank you for fans of the band and label, from Powerwolf. Also one can see their intentions were to be able to present the Live experience wherever their legions might live. While those among the appreciative say thanks, here’s to them properly thanking international fans who’ve been patiently waiting and actually plan a North American/World tour proper, for all to be administered the ‘Metal Mass’ up close and personal.

Blessed and Possessed Tour Edition Track Listing:

Disc 1 (Live @ Summer Breeze, 2015)
01. Intro
02. Sanctified with Dynamite
03. Coleus Sanctus
04. Army of the Night
05. Amen & Attack
06. Resurrection by Erection
07. Armada Strigoi
08. Kreuzfeuer
09. Werewolves of Armenia
10. In the Name of God
11. Blessed and Possessed
12. All We Need Is Blood
13. Dead Boys Don’t Cry
14. We Drink Your Blood
15. Lupus Dei

Disc 2
01. Blessed and Possessed
02. Dead Until Dark
03. Army Of The Night
04. Armada Strigoi
05. We Are The Wild
06. Higher Than Heaven
07. Christ & Combat
08. Sanctus Dominus
09. Sacramental Sister
10. All You Can Bleed
11. Let There Be Night

Run Time: Disc 1 73:06 / Disc 2 – 45:59
Release Date: January 20, 2017

Check out the track “Army Of The Night”