As previously reported, Notodden, Norway’s industrial/rock group Mortiis will release their The Great Corrupter album on April 21 via Omnipresence Production (pre-order here). A remix album based on their 2016 release, The Great Deceiver, the new offering is loaded with a grand total of 30 songs, one of which we’re debuting today! Without further ado, hit play on this purely pounding GODFLESH remix of “The Great Leap”.

The Great Corrupter‘s previously unreleased deconstructed and “corrupted” tracks include submissions from Die Krupps, John Fryer, GODFLESH, Merzbow, Apoptygma Berzerk, In Slaughter Natives, Raison D´Etre, and PIG. The previously unreleased material comes from some of the original recording sessions featuring Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails).

Mortiis commented on the music: “I went pretty crazy on this one and reached out to so many awesome artists, from people I knew, to people I happened to come across on YouTube and whose material I liked. As each reworked track came in, I got more and more excited, and I just kept reaching out to people asking if they’d be interested in being part of the project. I guess I got hooked on the high that it gives, to hear your music twisted and mutilated in any conceivable way.”

The Great Corrupter Track Listing:

01. The Great Leap (Godflesh – Extended Version)
02. Doppelganger (Die Krupps – Extended Version)
03. Hard to Believe Chris Vrenna – Extended Version)
04. Too Little Too Late (PIG)
05. Road to Ruin (Prurient – Extended Version)
06. Sins of Mine (Apoptygma Berzerk – Extended Version)
07. The Seed of Greed (John Fryer – Extended Version)
08. Scalding the Burnt (FLESH)
09. Road to Ruin (Axegrinder)
10. Hard to Believe (Rhys Fulber – Extended Version)

Chris Vrenna Studio Mixes:
11. The Shining Lamp of God
12. Demons Are Back
13. The Ugly Truth
14. Doppelganger
15. The Great Deceiver
16. The Ugly Truth (Je$us Loves Amerika)
17. The Great Leap (Le Prince Harry)
19. Bleed Like You (Manes)
20. Too little too Late (Output/Electronics by Ole-Espen Kristiansen)
21. Sins of Mine (Katscan)
22. Hard to Believe (In Slaughter Natives)
23. Feed the Greed (Cease2Xist)
24. Demons are Back (Technomancer Feat. Angst Pop)
26. Sins of Mine (Raison D´Etre)
27. Doppelganger (Wumpscut)
28. Geisteskrank
29. Road to Ruin (Deutsch Nepal)
30. Bleed Like You (Merzbow)


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