Lorna Shore are poised to catalyze a new breed of black metal with their second full-length album, Flesh Coffin.

They successfully planted the seeds with their first album Psalms, a highly regarded blackened deathcore masterpiece. However, with their second offering, Lorna Shore is exploring an even more “kvlt” approach to the genre that is as symphonic as it is blisteringly heavy. To sum it up, this New Jersey band is forging their own path—one that is more aligned with their Norwegian predecessors than those stateside.

Flesh Coffin features a dark blend of slow, atmospheric riffs and highly technical solos by guitarists Adam De Micco and Connor Deffley, overlaid with rapid-fire, hammering drum work by Austin Archey that feels almost machine-like at times. Vocalist Tom Barber exercises his full range throughout the album, an impressive collection of high, banshee-esque screams and deep, vibrating growls.

The album begins with the track “Offering of Fire,” a fast-paced, symphonic 5-minute long epic, with a characteristic breakdown that leads into the following song. “Denounce The Light” continues the tale with atmospheric riffs and choir-like melodies that encapsulate their foray into the otherworldly realm of black metal. However, true to Lorna Shore’s roots, this song, and every other one, is not without at least one absolutely mosh-worthy breakdown.

Aptly, named, “FVNERAL MOON” is a fitting example of everything Lorna Shore is good at – highly technical guitar-work, rapid, yet haunting melodies, and unfathomably heavy breakdowns. While a few of the songs tend to blend, feeling almost formulaic in their development, the end justifies the means.

Flesh Coffin concludes with its title track—a blazingly heavy and nightmarish song that feels like it was produced in the very depths of hell. Culminating with the chanting of “we are dead inside,” Flesh Coffin will leave you completely chilled to the bone.

Throughout, there is no doubt that this album was meticulously written and recorded. Lorna Shore poured their blood and sweat into creating this, and the end result of this painstaking process can only be defined as a work of art. Lorna Shore has perpetuated a musical movement. Fans of metalcore and black metal alike are in for a surprisingly dark and delicious treat.

Flesh Coffin Track Listing:

01. Offering Of Fire
02. Denounce The Light
03. The Astral Wake Of Time
04. Desolate Veil
06. Void
07. Infernum
08. the//watcher
09. Black Hollow
10. Flesh Coffin

Run Time: 45:23
Release Date: February 17, 2017

Check out the video for the song “Fvneral Moon”