Bespectacled 90’s darling, Lisa Loeb, is set to release a new, two-song single called 3,2,1 Let Go (pre-order right here) tomorrow, February 17th, via Blacktop Records! Gearing up for the Canadian leg of her current tour, Lisa took some time to chat with us about Steve Martin, record collections and what its like to play “Stay” over 20 years later.

Your newest album came out late last year, and has been well-received. The release has a fair amount guests; what made you choose the artists you did and what was it like working with them?
Loeb: I chose Craig Robinson because we really have a great chemistry and I thought it would be fun to sing together in the studio. He has a warm voice that tells a story. Is perfect for the disco funk jam ” Feel What U Feel” and also for the duet we did of the classic, “It’s all right to Cry.” I asked Ed Helms to play banjo on the record because he’s a great musician and I thought it would be fun to play together. I love albums that have guest performers that the audience will be happy to hear. It’s really a bonus!

Your last two albums on Amazon have had influences of or are geared towards childhood, or a children’s audience. Was this a transition that you had had in mind for a while? Did experiences as a parent help the writing process?
Loeb: I started making music for kids and families about 15 years ago! These last two were albums I made since I had kids. Before that I made numerous kids recordings and illustrated books with CDs. The nursery rhymes record Nursery Rhyme Parade! was influenced by my experience that my kids loved the classic nursery rhymes when they were very young. Those are the hits! Then I followed it up with Feel What U Feel, which is really for the entire family. It’s filled with songs that remind me of the timeless classics I listened to when I was younger.

With the recent resurgence of vinyl, your single “3, 2, 1 Let go” is being released as a 7″ on Blacktop Records. Do you collect records yourself? Any prized pieces?
Loeb: My husband collects tons and tons of records. I used to when I was in high school and college, but now my husband is the collector and I just get to enjoy him as a DJ in the house. I prize my Bowie and Police albums, and my Brian Eno vinyl.

How long have you been working with Blacktop Records?
Loeb: We met over a year ago! I love their enthusiasm and commitment to music and Musicians.

What was it like to work with Steve Martin?
Loeb: It was amazing working with Steve Martin. He came in and played banjo on my song “The Disappointing Pancake.” It’s really a dream of mine to be able to work with a person who made such an impression on me with his humor, silliness, cleverness and heart. It was really surreal. My co-producers/co-writers and I had to pinch ourselves when it was happening.

“Stay” has passed the 20 year mark; do you still enjoy performing those songs or are sticking to your more current tracks?
Loeb: I love playing “Stay.” People really connect to it. As an audience member for other bands and musicians, I usually like hearing those songs that I love, so I do the same for my audience.

You are currently touring in Canada, any fond memories/stories from the Great White North?
Loeb: I played the first Lilith Fair when it was still in its baby stages with Sarah McLaughlin and Aimee Mann and more. I remember hanging out with David Duchovny, the GQ Journalist and my tour manager for dinner – they were filming the TV show The X-Files up there at the time. And the tulips in Ottawa!

What are some of your favorite/more memorable places to play?
Loeb: I love playing in Japan! It’s always like being in the ancient past and the future at the same time. And the fans sing along to every word.

Check out the single 3​,​2​,​1 Let Go