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How about some folk metal from Normandy via a free song download of Drenaï’s “Beyond The Gate”?! Drenaï is a septet (yep, seven musicians) founded in Rouen, Normandy in the summer of 2011, and which released their third studio album, Nadirs, this past fall. Nadirs is a 100 percent folk music with epic tales featuring many guests from several musical and cultural landscapes with the aim to include a large amount of instruments and worldwide folk references, far beyond its Celtic basis.

Commenting on Nadirs, the band said: “…this musical saga was conceived as a symphonic poem in which each track is a program music bringing its listener to discover the youth and ascension of powerful Nosta Khan, shaman of the Wolfhead Tribe and kingpin of the nadir unity. Here, music and lyrics are symbiotic, and the full project can be seen on many perspectives, from the neophyte who will have his first approach on the band’s concept to the music analyst who will enjoy seeking complex gimmicks and structures.”

That may be a bit abstract but nevertheless, count us in!