Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like joining up with 2,000 other metal fans to see one of The Big Four play their third, and arguably their best, album in full. And so, on this day of love, Anthrax have brought their “Among The Kings” tour to Manchester featuring Among The Living played in full and a slew of other hits to boot.

The night is split into two halves, with the opening half being a mix of old tunes and songs from their last studio album, 2016’s For All Kings. It’s a blistering start, with “A.I.R,” “Madhouse” and “Medusa” setting the pace and getting the crowd involved right from the beginning. The epic-sounding “Breathing Lightning” brings an end to the first set and after a short break; it’s time for the main course.

30 (yes 30!) years ago Anthrax released Among The Living and it would go on to be one of their most acclaimed albums. Even after three decades, “Among The Living” and “Caught In A Mosh” are a great opening duo of songs. What makes them even better is that the band are in great form and sound tremendous. Everyone on stage might be older and heading towards official retirement age, but the enthusiasm and spirit is still strong.

Joey prowls the stage making sure everyone on the floor is engaged while Scott, Frank and Jonathan headbang, gurn and strike poses for all they’re worth. It’s a perfect example of what one of these “classic album” tours should be and Anthrax’s recognition of the album’s legacy and fans appreciation really shines through. Antisocial puts a cap on tonight’s festivities and on the strength of what I saw tonight, of the original Big Four thrash bands, Anthrax can have my money every time!