Waterloo, Canada-based foursome, Among Legends, released their Starting Over EP today! Loaded with seven cuts of fast-paced and upbeat pop-punk, the guys are celebrating the album’s release with this premiere of their absolutely hilarious and quintessentially Canadian music video for the single “Punk Rock Hoser”. Hit play and help the band to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

The band hit us up and commented on the video and song: “‘Punk Rock Hoser’ is an ultra-Canadian punk rock song. It represents everything we love about Canada. The song is upbeat, unique, and it proudly embraces all those classic Canadian stereotypes without being afraid to poke fun at them. Plus, it’s Canada’s 150th birthday this year, so it seemed fitting that we’d celebrate all things Canadian.

The music video was edited to match the quick pace of the song. Keep an eye out for all the Canadian props – we’ve got a bet going that nobody’s going to be able to catch everything on the first viewing. We’re so excited to have PureGrainAudio hosting the video. Not only are we appreciative of their support, but it’s really cool to have a proud Canadian music publication hosting this proudly Canadian music video.”


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