From the start, Youth In Revolt’s The Broken had me bouncing and nodding my head along to the infections beats. Reminiscent of bands like Pierce the Veil or Sleeping With Sirens, The Broken’s sound sits precariously between pop-punk and hardcore, with high-pitched, melodic vocals coupled with harsh screaming and epic breakdowns (my FAVORITE!).

Prior to checking out The Broken, I had spent a couple weeks with YIR’s 2016 single, “Something in the Way You Move,” seated firmly atop of my most-beloved Spotify playlists. I was stoked to see what they would do with their first full-length and, let me tell you, I am NOT disappointed.

The Broken delivers on every level, easily creating one of the best post-hardcore releases in recent memory. From “Noise” to “The Broken,” I was in love. YIR slowed it down a little with “Brisbane,” a cute acoustic jingle showcasing Tanner Allen’s vocals, but brought the tempo right back up with “Don’t Wait For Me.” The rest of the album continues like the first few tracks, a beautiful mix of heavy guitars and catchy-as-hell vocals. The album closes with another slow jam, “Only One,” which I am a liiiiiiitle bummed about, but I won’t deny—it’s a good song.

Overall, this album does a fantastic job of showcasing Youth In Revolt’s abilities.It’s not easy to create such a unique sampling of sounds while maintaining a cohesive feel, and YIR pulls it off almost effortlessly. Admittedly, I could have lived without the acoustic tracks, but I think that’s just a matter of personal preference. This album is certainly going to find consistent play in my car in the weeks to come. Don’t sleep on Youth In Revolt, I have a feeling these dudes are just getting started!

The Broken Track Listing:

01. Noise
02. Love is a Liar’s Game
03. Not Giving Up
04. The Broken
05. Brisbane
06. Don’t Wait for Me
07. There for You
08. I’m Not Scared
09. Alright
10. Sleep
11. Only One

Run Time: ??:??
Release Date: February 17, 2017

Check out “The Broken” by Youth In Revolt