Set and Setting’s Reflectionless is a meandering journey through time and space, evoking imagery of rugged landscapes and expansive deserts, often leaving listeners stranded in a wilderness of forgotten daydreams. This album is self-released and is the third record from Set and Setting, an instrumental prog-rock/metal quintet hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida.

From start to finish, Reflectionless delivers with chugging melodies followed by anthem-like swells of guitar. This is an album that pulls you in, holds you tight, and doesn’t let go until you’ve completed the symphonic journey from start to finish. One of the things I noticed immediately was the presence of percussion—a majority of the tone and mood is directed by the drums, which is apparently in part due to the fact that Set and Setting has not one but TWO drummers. On top of that, the guitar ranges from lulling melodies reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky to heavier, more brooding chugs we’d find in more “metal” bands. In terms of diversity of sound, Set and Setting has got it covered.

It’s hard to be a stand-out band in a genre without vocals, but Reflectionless proves that lyrics are not necessary to captivate listeners, soaring above and beyond my expectations with every track. Reflectionless is a stellar release, and will definitely be welcomed by fans of post-rock, prog, metal, or even thematic rock. Don’t miss out on this mesmerizing journey—pick up Reflectionless today!

Reflectionless Track Listing:

01. Saudade
02. Axiom Dream Within…
03. …The Idyllic Realm
04. Incandescent Gleam
05. Specular Wavefront Of…
06. …The Mirrored Self
07. Eternal Pendulum
08. Ephemerality

Run Time: 43:47
Release Date: January 27, 2017

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