For RidingEasy Records, 2016 is remarkably comparable to the Chicago Bulls’ 95/96 season, both institutional machines turning out showstopper after showstopper and turning them into common name spoken and appreciated by all. Which means dropping the first album of the year (on vinyl) is a move that turns all eyes towards them. But R.I.P. has a little trick up their collective sleeve, what they have is an album so good that this is technically its second release. Like the guy at the party barely visible through a cloud of backcountry sativa, looks can be deceiving. In no time, this album will have you in the tightest black jeans, the highest white high tops you can find, worshipping something spooky.

In The Wind kicks off with “The Scythe,” a short, upbeat instrumental to get your head moving before it shifts into a full-fledged doom assault. What sets this album apart amongst its doom brethren is the overall tempo and direction that the Portland natives have decided to take. Fuzz-fueled guitars and the heavy riffs are reminiscent of bands like Saint Vitus and Dopethrone, but with a lil’ more speed thrown at it. Maybe we can thank the Toxic Holocaust scene for this one.

Regardless of what we want to say influenced R.I.P., what I see are some city rats that have kicked up some dust at the camp of desert dwellers that makes up RidingEasy records. It is American Doom in all its glory, a sort of spooky fuck you to the present, and a loud homage to what is the past. And it’s what I feel the answer is to what we all went through in 2016. Heading out on tour in early 2017, let’s hope of much more to come from the self-proclaimed “Street Doom” gang.

In The Wind Track Listing:

01. The Scythe
02. Into The Wind Part 1
03. Tremble
04. Black Leather
05. Smoke And Lightning
06. Into The Wind PT. 2
07. The Tombstone
08. Bereaved
09. Brave In The Grave
10. Into The Wind Part 3

Run Time: 54:40
Release Date: December 9, 2016 (digital), January 13, 2017 (vinyl)

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