For more than forty years the Hardcore/Punk icon, Keith Morris, been a prominent figure in the Southern California music scene. He was a founding member of the groundbreaking band Black Flag as well as with The Circle Jerks and his current band, OFF!

This memoir tells the all-too-familiar tale of a talented musician who gets caught up in the lifestyle of booze and drugs, eventually spiraling out of control and hitting rock bottom. This story has an unexpected, yet positive twist though, because, unlike many other musicians and peers, Morris survives, reinvents himself and continues carrying the torch of West Coast Hardcore Punk.

Though he never really became a household name, the bands he helped create (and played in) formed the basis of much of the punk and metal we have today. Whether you are a fan of Black Flag or not there is a really good chance you have heard of them; that in itself says a lot.

Aside from the drugs and alcohol, this book tells the story of a young boy who goes from working at his father’s bait store to creating some of the most influential counter culture music in history. From tales of being skunked on payment for a gig in Pittsburgh to diabetic comas in Norway, there are tons of stories to keep the reader intrigued. And, in the midst of it all, I found myself routing for Morris, an underrated, underappreciated cornerstone of Punk.

Written by: Keith Morris (Author), Jim Ruland (Contributor)
Format/Length: Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Da Capo Press (August 30, 2016)