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I AM – “Life Through Torment” [Album Review]

I AM’s first full length offering, Life Through Torment is a violent, groove-soaked trip straight down into hell. Read our review here…



Having been (and still going) through some pretty tough times recently, I certainly can relate to the term “torment” and, lemme tell ya, it’s not a journey you wanna be involved with for ANY length of time. Unless we’re talking about torment as it relates to I AM’s latest (and first full-length) album Life Through Torment – a thoroughly neck-snapping ride through 10 tracks of aggressive and highly-visceral, pleasurable aural punishment.

A step up from their previous outing, Momento Mori, things are now a bit groovier, darker and more evil. Every tune – a couple not even reaching the two-minute mark – is saturated with down-tuned riffing, subtle to moderate tempo changes, while generally remaining in that oh-so-sweet spot of mid-tempo goodness—conducive to perpetual head-banging; low, thick dissonant chords, and even some doomy elements here and there (eg, “Entomb Me”). Vocals are appropriately harsh, though mostly indecipherable, and for the most part – a bit disappointing – having the same timbre and dynamic for the length of the record.

All in all, I got the feeling I was fearfully – but with slight masochistic intent – meandering through a black, underground tunnel, with decaying bodies occasionally blocking my path; the smell of death, intermittent glimpses of flickering lights, eventually reaching an opening to a desolate rotting earth with a dark, turbulent red sky.

And if what you’re after is a crushing, violent, evil, groove-soaked trip straight down, I think you’ll be right at home here.

Life Through Torment Track Listing:

01. Life Through Torment
02. Face Of Death
03. Sacred Cries
04. C.O.S.L.
05. SUI
06. Entomb Me
07. Morality Hangs
08. Worndead
09. Stones
10. Forgive Me

Run Time: 28:13
Release Date: February 10, 2017

Check out the track “Sacred Cries”